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Why Turn to a Certified Christian Conciliator™?

Even though we live in a world of conflict, most Christians aren’t even aware that there are faith-based options for resolving serious personal, family, and business or legal disputes. In the face of a serious disagreement they may feel as if their choices are limited to ignoring the conflict, denying the existence of the conflict, doing nothing to solve the conflict or turning to a secular court where the Biblical principles they live by every day aren’t considered.

However, Christian Conciliators like Kyle Sears are providing an alternative way of resolving disagreements of all kinds. Coaching, mediation, or arbitration could be a better way to find the solution to the conflict you have been thinking and praying about.

Here are some of the reasons you might want to consider working with a Certified Christian Conciliator™ to resolve your dispute…

Christian Mediation Can Preserve Relationships

Lawsuits can create win-lose outcomes that aren’t necessarily in accordance with Scripture or Biblical principles. This can leave one or both parties feeling as if the decision wasn’t right or just.

Christian conflict-solving methods are structured in a way that allows truth to be uncovered and discussed. It challenges participants to evaluate not only their thoughts and feelings, but also their own actions. Mediation provides an environment in which the parties can reach an agreement based on the Lord’s guidance, making it possible to reconcile a relationship.

The Bible Provides Answers

You don’t have to get very far into the book of Genesis to find people in conflict. As you move through Scripture, you’ll find the Bible gives plenty of explanations of why conflict arises and the ways God expects us to resolve our disagreements with one another.

You probably turn to the Bible for answers in other areas of your life, so why wouldn’t you work with a neutral Christian coach, mediator, or arbitrator to help you settle a personal, family, or business dispute?

Believers Shouldn’t Sue Believers

A courtroom is a poor setting for Christians to settle anything. Litigation is not a Biblical path for conflict resolution. The secular process does not provide the parties the opportunity or ability to have a conversation based upon Scripture.

The Lord provides all we need to come to agreements in virtually any situation regardless of the circumstances. To find what’s right in His eyes, though, we have to be willing to consider our own actions in the context of our faith and Scripture and to seek solutions that glorify God. These are the goals of a Biblically-based process, but not the focus of litigation.

Do You Need the Services of a Certified Christian Conciliator™?

If you could use faith-based guidance through conflict coaching, Christian mediation, or Biblical arbitration, then Kyle Sears can help. He has assisted dozens of individuals, families, and businesses throughout the Houston area and may be able to help you find the Biblical perspective you are searching for.

Contact Kyle Sears today to schedule an initial conversation. Then you’ll have taken the first step towards resolving your dispute in a Godly way.

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Do you have a disagreement with another Christian that doesn’t have a clear solution?  Have your previous attempts to reach out and find common ground been unsuccessful?   Do you simply want a neutral third party with a strong  Biblical background to help you reach an agreement that is consistent with your faith?


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