Christian Conflict Coaching

Kyle Sears offers Biblically-based conflict coaching for believers looking to resolve disagreements that arise in their personal or professional relationships. It enables those who want to live in accordance with God’s word to get an outside perspective from a trained Conciliator and to develop a plan to address the conflict with the other party.

When Doing Nothing to Resolve Conflict is Not an Option

From a Biblical perspective, doing nothing to resolve conflict is not an option for a Christian. Conflict coaching will help a person in conflict understand the Biblical requirement to take action to resolve a dispute, to be reconciled, and to restore a relationship. A person can benefit from conflict coaching by learning about the cause of the conflict and the appropriate response based upon Scripture.

Using Christian conflict coaching, Kyle Sears can help an individual de-escalate an argument and take the focus away from sharp emotional responses and decisions based upon feelings, and put it back where it belongs – on Scripture and the healing power of forgiveness and reconciliation. For this reason, coaching sessions can be a valuable way to address emotional and spiritual wounds and develop a Biblical analysis of, and response to, a conflict.

Christian Conflict Coaching

Conflict coaching can occur with one party involved in a conflict or both parties.  It can occur without an agreement between the parties to mediate.  It is almost always a part of an agreement between the parties to mediate and occurs prior to mediation and often during mediation.  It rarely occurs with arbitration agreements or proceedings.

Conflict coaching with only one party to a dispute usually begins when that party has decided that something must be done to try to resolve the conflict and that avoiding the conflict or denying its existence is no longer an option. Conflict coaching involves a discussion with Kyle that is primarily focused on the person being coached.  The conversation will include the facts involved in the conflict, the cause of the conflict, and an appropriate response to the conflict.  The person being coached will be encouraged to examine their role and responsibilities in the conflict.  Coaching encourages an honest evaluation of the person’s thoughts, words and action that caused or contributed to the conflict.  The person will be challenged to analyze those thoughts, words and actions in light of Scripture.  The goal of conflict coaching is to develop a plan to approach the other party to the conflict to resolve it.

Is Christian Conflict Coaching the Answer for You?

Although believers can use conflict coaching to address any personal or business dispute, there are certain conditions that have to be met before the process can begin:

The person seeking coaching desires to resolve the conflict based upon Scripture.

The person seeking coaching desires reconciliation and restoration of the relationship.

The person seeking coaching is willing to honestly examine thoughts, words, and deeds based upon a Biblical Standard and acknowledge any contribution to the conflict.

Want to Learn More About Christian Conflict Coaching?

Kyle Sears is an experienced Certified Christian Conciliator™ in Houston, Texas. To learn more about his Christian conflict coaching services, and how they can help to resolve disagreements without litigation, contact him today to schedule an initial consultation.

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