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Being a believer in Christ doesn’t make you immune to conflict. In fact, Individuals, families, and businesses can easily find themselves in the midst of serious disagreements without obvious solutions. When that happens, tensions can run high, emotions can cloud perspective, and it can be difficult for people to see things in a way that is consistent with their faith.

That’s where a Christian mediator like Kyle Sears comes into play. He can bring everyone together to ensure all the relevant facts and points of view are presented and considered from a Biblical perspective. By serving as a neutral listener, questioner, and encourager, he can help parties  find resolution where agreement seemed impossible.

Why Christian Mediation Works

Biblical mediation works because it is based upon Scripture. It provides an environment in which the parties can discuss the cause, impact and resolution of the conflict.  It allows parties the opportunity to resolve the conflict by agreement.

Christian mediation is a powerful alternative to litigation for a number of reasons. First, it allows believers to express themselves to each other and a mediator with the knowledge that they will have a chance to be truly heard. Second, it creates a process for finding a Godly outcome that is based on Scripture. And finally, it provides an opportunity for the parties to reconcile and restore their relationship.

The Faith-Based Mediation Process

The Christian mediation process begins when either party (or both) contacts Kyle to inquire about getting help resolving a specific conflict. After obtaining a few details to see if he can be of assistance, Kyle will attempt to bring everyone together to talk in a calm and controlled environment. The mediation process will proceed based upon a written agreement (signed by the parties and the mediator), the Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation of the Institute For Christian Conciliation and an agreed upon agenda.

During the mediation process, it’s critical that all parties to the conflict are able to present their respective points of view without interruption or judgement. Each will be given the time to not only explain past events, but also to examine their own feelings and actions. As a Christian mediator, Kyle will ask questions and introduce relevant Scripture throughout the process. This forms the basis for true understanding and provides a path forward to resolution of the dispute by agreement of the parties.

What You Need to Know Before You Contact a Christian Mediator

Christian mediation is a wonderful alternative to secular mediation and litigation.  It can be used to achieve resolution of virtually any business, family, legal, or personal dispute. However, there are things believers should remember before contacting Kyle Sears:

Christian mediation is only an option when all parties agree to participate in the process.

The role of a Christian mediator is to serve as a neutral party and to facilitate discussion, understanding, and reaching a binding agreement of the parties that settles the dispute.

Christian mediation works best when all parties are seeking a just solution that is based upon the facts, truth and Biblical principles.

The ultimate goal of mediation is resolution of personal, material, financial and legal disputes by agreement and reconciliation and restoration of the parties.

Do You Need Assistance from a Christian Mediator?

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