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Biblical Conflict Resolution

Learn how Christians can solve personal and professional conflict on the basis of God’s Word…

Why Christian Conflict Coaching?

Learn about the benefits of using a Biblical approach to conflict resolution to find spiritual peace and reconciliation…

Stuck Looking for the Right Answers?

Personal and professional disagreements aren’t new.  In fact, conflict is a theme that goes all the way back to the first few chapters of Genesis. However, most Christians don’t realize there is a process they can follow that glorifies God and allows them to be reconciled

Find Biblical solutions to disagreements between Christian business owners or partners.

Settle family disputes in a way that aligns with Christian principles.

Preserve relationships by addressing fault and consequences based on faith and Scripture.

Explore alternatives to lawsuits that provide a path to peace and reconciliation.


Christian Conciliation Services

How can Kyle Sears Help You?

Christian Conflict Coaching

Get a Biblical Perspective for Conflict Resolution


Christian Mediation

Have Kyle Help You Reach an Agreement Based on Biblical Principles

Biblical Arbitration

Use a Neutral Third Party to Make a Just Decision

Who is Christian Conciliation For?

Do you have a disagreement that doesn’t seem to have a clear answer? Are you stuck in anger and other negative emotions, unable to find God’s solution?  Biblical conflict resolution is a better way to settle disputes. It involves using Scripture, honesty, and self-examination to address the challenges posed by personal and professional disagreements.

“If possible, so far as it depends upon you, be at peace with all men.”
Romans 12:18 (NASB)

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.”
Matthew 5:9 (NASB)

About Me

Kyle Sears – a practicing attorney and Houston-based Certified Christian Conciliator™ – has been helping those of faith learn about resolving conflict based upon the Bible, and  pursue reconciliation, for more than a decade. To learn more about what he can do to help you resolve a dispute in a way that glorifies God and restores relationships, see his services, view some FAQs about Christian mediation, or contact Kyle now for a free consultation.


Looking for Biblical answers to a situation that doesn’t seem to have any clear solutions? Seeking an alternative to litigation and a resolution that is inspired by Scripture and could open the way to a renewed relationship in the future?

If you want to live in a way that is consistent with God’s Word, why not look for the answers God provides when it comes to settling the serious conflicts that can arise in our personal and professional relationships?

The clear, spiritually-based guidance you need is just one phone call or email away. To learn more about Christian conflict resolution with Kyle Sears, or to schedule a time to talk, contact him today. You can discover a more Godly and satisfying way to resolve disagreements that have negatively impacted you.

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Do you have a disagreement with another Christian that doesn’t have a clear solution?  Have your previous attempts to reach out and find common ground been unsuccessful?   Do you simply want a neutral third party with a strong  Biblical background to help you reach an agreement that is consistent with your faith?


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