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When believers find themselves in the midst of serious conflict over a legal issue, business disagreement, or other matter involving financial or property issues, they can benefit from the assistance of a neutral arbitrator in making a binding decision.  It’s a way to resolve the conflict based on God’s word when prior attempts to find common ground have failed.

Christian arbitration means having a trained arbitrator step into such a situation and make a decision that’s based on Scripture and the evidence presented by the parties. Christian arbitration is a viable alternative when those in conflict have been unable to resolve it based upon negotiation and mediation. It is a much better option for Christians than litigation.

Keeping Christians Out of Court

Arbitration should generally be thought of as a last resort option, used only after coaching, negotiation and mediation have failed to resolve the dispute. It is always preferable for believers not to sue one another in a secular court.

Arbitration is a process in which the parties present their positions and arguments based upon the facts and truth which results in a binding decision that is just.  Arbitration allows the parties to address the conduct that caused the conflict, the consequences of that conduct and harm caused by the conduct.  Arbitration provides for a determination of responsibility and accountability.

Faith-based arbitration can bring a conflict to an end in a way that’s more efficient, effective and consistent with Biblical principles.  Christian arbitration can preserve the possibility of reconciliation and restoration of the relationship which is almost always eliminated by litigation.

As a matter of stewardship, arbitration should always be more expeditious and inexpensive than litigation.

The Christian Arbitration Process

Arbitration is based upon a signed agreement between those in conflict and the arbitrator. This agreement sets forth the issues to be resolved by the decision of the arbitrator.

The arbitration process occurs based upon the Rules of Procedure for Christian Conciliation of the Institute for Christian Conciliation which are enforced by the arbitrator. The parties are allowed to present evidence – such as testimony, documents, etc. – which is considered by the arbitrator in making a decision. The arbitrator then resolves the dispute by making a determination based upon the evidence and relevant Scripture.

Things to Consider Before Seeking Christian Arbitration

While Christian arbitration is preferable to resolving conflicts between believers in court, there are things you should consider before beginning this process:

For most disputes, Christian mediation is a better choice to resolve the disagreement.

Arbitration is not well-suited for personal or relational conflict that does not involve legal, financial or property issues.

Entering into faith-based arbitration is usually voluntary (unless it is been contractually agreed upon as part of a formal relationship or compelled by a court order), meaning all parties must agree in writing to arbitrate.

The decision made by the Christian arbitrator may or may not be legally binding based upon the agreement of the parties, but binding arbitration is usually preferable.

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