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Want to settle disputes with other Christians in a way that is consistent with your faith?

Kyle Sears has spent many years studying what the Bible says about conflict resolution. He can help believers find just solutions to their personal, family, business, and legal disagreements.

What is Christian Conflict Resolution?

It’s a Better Way of Resolving Disagreements

Christian conflict resolution helps parties  view their disputes from a Biblical perspective and understand how they may have contributed to the dispute and what they need to do to resolve it. It’s an entirely different way of resolving conflict.

It’s a Process for Bringing What Matters into Focus

Christians want to live by the principles set out in the Bible, but it’s easy to lose sight of those teachings when emotions, relationships, and finances are on the line. Christian conflict resolution is about shifting things back to faith and finding answers rooted in God’s word, rather than our own limited perspective or the world’s view.

It’s a Way to Avoid Resolving Disputes in Court

Why would  believers ever want to sue one another to settle a personal or professional dispute? Using Christian conflict coaching, mediation, or arbitration provides a process to reach a solution based on Scripture while saving time and money. It also creates the opportunity for reconciliation.

Kyle’s Approach

Through many years of practice and study, Kyle Sears has learned an approach to coaching, mediation, and arbitration based on respect, truth, and the Bible that can open communication in new ways. He knows that disputes often arise not only because of the facts, but also because of miscommunication, misunderstanding and erroneous assumptions made by the parties.

By helping friends, relatives, and partners understand one another – and to reflect on their own actions – he can then show them what the Bible has to say in regard to the cause of conflict and its resolution. Then, he can help them to find answers that can result in the resolution of the dispute and allow for reconciliation of the relationship.

How It Works

Schedule a Consultation

The first step is to reach out to Kyle and describe the situation you’re facing. The Christian conflict resolution process only works if the parties involved agree that they want to find a Biblical solution to a dispute. However, Kyle can help explain the process to a skeptical friend, family member, or business associate in instances where that can be helpful.

Decide on the Best Course of Action

Kyle’s Christian Conciliation work takes three forms: conflict coaching, mediation, and arbitration. In some situations, a combination of approaches might be the best process. However, the goal is always to find a Godly solution that resolves the conflict based upon the agreement of the parties and provides for reconciliation and restoration of relationships.

Reach an

The best way to resolve a dispute is based upon the agreement of the parties. If that is not possible, then having an arbitrator make a final binding decision may be an appropriate solution.

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Do you have a disagreement with another Christian that doesn’t have a clear solution?  Have your previous attempts to reach out and find common ground been unsuccessful?   Do you simply want a neutral third party with a strong  Biblical background to help you reach an agreement that is consistent with your faith?


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